Tie Care

Your tie reveals a lot about you: It can indicate your profession, your position within the field, your sense of style… or what you had for lunch.  One of the most commonly stained articles of clothing, neckties can also be one of the most difficult garments to clean properly.

The Tie Hub ties are handmade and premium quality. Here are some tips on how to keep them looking great.


There are two acceptable ways to store a tie. The best way is to unknot it and drape it over a prong on a tie rack right after wearing it. Hanging your tie will keep them crisp. After three days or so, most wrinkles will begin to fade. Storing your tie in its knotted form will create long lasting wrinkles that will shorten the life of your tie and eventually look sloppy.
Yeah, we know you don’t like tying your tie.
The second best way to store your ties is by rolling them loosely and putting them in a box or drawer. And actually, if you happen to any knit ties, this is how you should always store them since hanging can stretch them out.
There you have it. Two acceptable ways to store your ties. Not tied and hung on the bedroom doorknob, not hastily flung onto the bathroom floor and not wadded at the back of your sock drawer.

Stain Care:

When it comes to stains, handle carefully. Damaging a tie is very easy. The delicate fabric means that machine washing is out of the question, but it is possible to wash some ties at home by hand. Check the tie’s cleaning instructions before hand washing. Despite that, there are numerous proclaimed home remedies out there: powders, alcohol, Voodoo etc. But if the stain requires meticulous work or you’re worried you may damage the fabric, you may have better luck bringing it to a trusted dry cleaner to get the spot removed. Better safe than sorry and all.
Tips & Precautions:

Tips & Precautions:

  1. If you clean the garment in the kitchen or bathroom, make sure the countertops are clear and clean so as to avoid snags, rips, or harmful chemicals to touch the garment.
  2. Do not allow perfume, cologne, or alcoholic beverages to touch the garment during the washing process. These liquids can disturb the dye and cause the garment to bleed.
  3. Iron only on the inside of the garment. Silk garments are treated a special way and the inside will not usually damage under heat.
  4. Use a very lightly-heated iron. Excessive heat will damage any silk.
  5. Do not use detergents. These are too abrasive and will cause damage.

Still, if one were to evaluate all of the different recommendations and the associated risks, dry cleaning is clearly the best option for stain removal.

De-Wrinkle your Ties:

It’s not just cheaper ties which can crease; if you order neckwear online or store them incorrectly they can often end up looking worse for wear.
The best way to remove wrinkles out of your ties without ironing is the use of steam.  Leave the hot water running in the shower for a few minutes, and then hang the tie up behind your door to let the wrinkles out.
When removing wrinkles through ironing, be sure to press over the wrinkles using a handkerchief or cloth.  Do not place the iron directly on the tie!
An iron can remove necktie wrinkles very easily – but it can also make your tie flat and lifeless, like a piece of cardboard or a dead fish

Ties on the go:

To pack your ties, roll starting with small end first or carefully fold into 4 sections. Unpack upon arrival and hang your ties (and suit) in the bathroom while you shower. The steam will help remove slight wrinkles. Bring several ties – it is an easy way to look fresh when only carrying a few outfits.