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Zinnia Blue Flower Lapel Lin

Zinnia Blue Flower Lapel Lin


A perfect accessory for any occasion: Weddings, casual wear, evening wear, party swag, prom, or everyday use at the office.

Handcrafted from a soft material, this chic accessory makes a beautiful addition to a suit or jacket lapel, creating a striking focal point for your ensemble.

The stickpin design keeps the flower securely in place, while the vibrant color flower adds a rich finishing touch to this classic lapel pin. Wear it to a wedding, business meeting or formal event for the perfect way to accessorize your ensemble.

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Add a touch of sassy sophistication to your repertoire with this Flower lapel pin.

Color : Blue

Material : Satin/Silk Fabric

Size : 5.5 cm x 5.5 cm

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