How to create the Vintage look for your Groom and Groomsmen

This wedding season is going to be about Vintage looks. And we will give you 5 tips to help you create it for your groom and groomsmen to make the wedding look perfect.

Waistcoat- Waist coats are the perfect vintage accessory – whatever the era, season or venue! Layered under a jacket, in matching or contrasting material, they look dapper and add some extra warmth for an Autumn or Winter wedding. Or they smarten up a simple shirt, whilst looking more casual than a jacket – and infinitely cooler for a Spring or Summer wedding   waistcoat  
  • Suspenders- Whether functional or purely decorative, braces/suspenders (is there a difference?) are the accessory of choice for the more relaxed, rustic, casual wedding (Ryan Reynolds even had custom leather suspenders made for his wedding with Blake Lively) Match them to the shirt or suit for a smart subtle look, or be daring and choose a contrasting colour to the suit but match them to the ties, shirt or shoes. Oh and if he decides to go with a patterned pair be sure to keep the shirt plain. Of course, they look just as great at a smart, more formal, wedding worn as part of a tux.
  • Bow ties- The bow tie is the epitome of vintage chic for any gent! Fashionable since the 18th century choose from floral, velvet, tweed or even sequined for a smart look with a hint of fun.
  • Velvet- A velvet suit might not be for everyone, but there is something about this plush fabric that evokes age, romance and opulence. It turns a traditional suit into something fancy that you simply won’t be able to keep your hands off! Perhaps a little warm for summer, but it would be perfect for an Autumn or Winter wedding. Velvet is also the perfect fabric for smartening up casual trousers like jeans or chinos. Or if you like the idea of a touch of velvet, but aren’t sold on an entire suit or even a jacket, how about a velvet bowtie?
  • Cravats- Before the tie or bow tie came the cravat! Considered casual wear at the start of the 20th century, today it is the perfect alternative for a vintage groom looking for something just as dapper but a little different.