5 Ways To Jazz Up The Man Look In Less Than Rs. 1000

The change in the men’s accessories are fast and often, mind boggling. So if you are the kind who likes to be trendy and keep your men’s accessories updated, we have some great ideas for you and all under Rs. 1000!!

1.  A Necktie: The Supreme Men Accessory!

You would think that this was simple, but believe us it is not. A necktie is one of the toughest decisions man-kind has faced since the concept of neckties began. There are various means and ways to wear them but the style, colour, pattern and attitude that you are wearing matters.

How to select and what to select?

Determine your occasion, determine your impact. There are various materials that are available while buying a tie, such as cotton, linen, microfibers, silk, wood etc. that men’s accessory collections can boast of. What you can select depends largely on your own comfort and the look you want to put forth.

The sassiest and coolest neck-ties under Rs. 1000 can be found at The Tie Hub.

Tie-Tip: When in doubt, select the width of 3.25”.


2. A Lapel Pin!

A lapel pin is a nice way to introduce the kind of human being you are or what mood did you step out in while wearing your suit. A quirky lapel pin like a Darth Vader mask shall set the mood accordingly and if not the elegant and suave artistic lapel pins can steal gazes.

How to select and what to select?

Accessories complement each other. We recommend the perfect combination of a lapel flower with a complementary, NOT matching, pocket square piece (available on The Tie Hub) and tie.  Be careful about choosing anything more than this because you don’t want to go overboard. Don’t limit your lapel flowers to coats; try them on with shirts for a more casual look. With a plethora of options in men’s accessories to choose from The Tie Hub has an unending range of options to select from beginning from Rs. 799 onwards!

Tie-Tip: There is never anything such as too many lapel pins!

3. A Belt!

We agree that this was a simple one, unlike the first. A belt gives out a perfect sync between the shirt and the pants.

How to select and what to select?

Generally the rule of colour of the belt and the colour of the shoes is followed. But these days you can definitely experiment and positively succeed with different plaids and braids that are available. Remember all in the sync of the shoes. You can buy the perfect belt for your need online at The Tie Hub.

Tie-Tip- Do not wear your belt too tight!

4. Socks!

You might be wondering why socks, but let us tell you that it an important aspect of jazzin’ up your look as it is one of the easiest things to notice when a gentleman sits. Thus the right socks can take you the right way.

How to select and what to select?

Generally the rule of the socks is to wear it as the same colour as the pants. But in this era of fashionable men’s accessories, it has changed such as the aforementioned lapel pins. Select anything from rainbows to a batman dark knight black. The socks of all kinds and types with all the sorts of designs the human brain can possibly imagine are out there. They can be yours and are available online at The Tie Hub beginning Rs. 300 to infinity for the best socks out there.

Tie-Tip: Wear socks!
5. Stay happy, be humble

This is the most important way to jazz up your man looks. The aforementioned things shall keep you in an orderly fashion visually. The 5th Essential, the most important, determines the way you carry yourself.

Tie-Tip: Smile!