5 Top Reasons Why Men Are Spending More On Accessories

Top 5 Reasons Why Men Are Spending More on Men’s Accessories

Typically, it has always been the females who dominate the consumption of personal accessories. But given the recent trends, the world of personal accessories have begun to transcend. There are more people designing men’s accessories. Along with this there are several platforms to sell them (exhibitions & online men’s accessory sales) and there is so much exposure to men’s fashion trends.

The overall perception of men’s fashion has changed.  When it comes to being suave and trendy, men don’t want to be left behind. Thus, they are investing more and more money and time to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

While clothes remain significant, the focus of men is now shifting towards men’s accessories (Find reasonable and stylish Men’s Accessories here) to update their look. Some of the most famous men’s accessories today are cufflinks, ties, belts, and watches, to more modern shoes, leather goods, wallets, bags, eyewear, sunglasses, bracelets, hats, caps, ties, cufflinks, pocket square and socks.

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Greater Availability of Men’s Accessories Designers are designing and manufactures are making diverse and stylish men’s accessories that are quickly capturing men’s attention. These men’s accessories are actively offering clothing and men’s accessories online, making it easier for customers to shop. The wonderful thing about this is that men are spending less time physically visiting stores and this has actually made people spend more.

Further, specialist retailers and department stores are expanding and upgrading their selection of menswear and men’s accessories to attract more male consumers altering the entire experience. When purchasing personal accessories, men value practicality, functionality, and style. Online retailing has an easy and straightforward checkout procedure that helps male consumers minimize the time spent and the hassle of shopping. Men’s accessory websites like TheTieHub (INSERT HYPER LINK ON THE TIE HUB) have opened an entirely new world for men’s accessory online shopping.

More Casual Attire in Office

As times are changing, the office environment is becoming less formal. People now have greater freedom to decide what they want to wear in the office and this trend continues to impact retail sales and men’s personal accessories.  Many men now enjoy choosing their clothing and accessories on their own, based on their personal preferences. Previously, men’s spouses or partners were involved in, or totally controlled, clothing purchases. As the reason for buying new clothes was mainly to replace an old item, men left clothing purchases to someone else. This trend has gradually changing as an increasing number of male consumers purchase new clothes to keep up with trends. Website like TheTieHub (INSERT HYPERLINK ON THE TIE HUB) have a stylish and well curated range of men’s accessories making the shopping experience enjoyable. As more offices allow employees to wear casual business attire every day, working men prefer clothes and accessories that are suitable for multiple occasions ­ from work to business travel and other private occasions.


As millennials are entering, the workforce has increased their purchasing power. They have started spending a greater amount of money on clothing and accessories. Their smartphones and tablets also allow men to review fashion blogs, forums and social media, piquing their interest in fashion and style. Retailers see social media as a great marketing tool to keep up their brand, styles and status with younger audiences. These young customers care more about their personal appearance and style as their lifestyles. Middle-age male consumers also enjoy purchasing personal accessories to update their appearance.


Men’s attitudes towards beauty and appearance is changing as a result of which further demand for men’s accessories. A well curated men’s accessory collection (available on The Tie Hub) is going to register steady growth for both existing players and newcomers. While the purchasing power of millennial consumers is expected to further increase and it remains a key consumer base for men’s accessories, a well spread online presence will remain critical for capturing the attention of such tech- and fashion-savvy male consumers.

Men are now taking greater care in their grooming and appearance. More men feel that their appearance matters. They have an increasing desire to look their best. They are now willing to invest more time, effort and money in their grooming and appearance. This has resulted in the further demand for men’s accessories.