5 Stylish Summer Essentials For Men

5 Stylish Summer Party Essentials For Men

The mercury is shooting up and things are getting really hot. All the better for getting out there and letting your hair down. Functions and event wardrobes are extremely important for men as it gives them a chance to flaunt their personalities. Clothes are all about expressing your inner self, and parties are the perfect occasion to do so.
So what are the 5 Stylish Summer Party Essentials For Men this year?!

A Spunky Bow Tie!

There’s nothing about a casual t-shirt, a swanky waist coat and spunky  bow-tie that a summer party doesn’t scream out for. The bow tie is one of the most popular men’s accessories this summer. This men’s accessory is chic and cool with great options for mix and match. With a range of options in bow-ties online, perk up your outfit with bold coloured bow-ties.  If you haven’t gotten a cool bow-tie, here’s where you can get it online.

A Summer Tie
Cotton is to summer as wool is to winter. So don’t lose the accessory, revise the choice of fabric to suit your summer needs. To oomph up the men accessory look this summer is extremely easy because you can get a huge variety of ties online. A great tie can help you whizz past a office setting. At the same time, it will send out vibes that you’d rather be somewhere else with a cocktail in hand (mojito in summer, old fashioned in winter.) You can buy some chic ties here.

Solid Plain Neck Polo

This is one summer party essential! Combine it with a pair of shorts for a causal lunch or a pair of chinos for that more formal evening dinner.

Summer socks
In winter months the entire purpose of socks is the functionality (more like keeping the toes from falling off). But in summer, there’s more to socks and that’s called visibility. So when you choose a pair of cool loafer socks remember that it’s not just about keeping the smell out of the feet but it’s also about making a fashion splash. You can buy some fancy socks at com.


Rock That Belt
All that the belt does in winters is hold up those pants. Honestly, between endless layers of clothes, your belt usually doesn’t get the credit it deserves. But imagine a summer brunch or a beach party. The belt will be the only thing between your t-shirt and shorts. So of course, it can be the star of the season.

We’ve seen some very cool belts on www.tihetiehub.com.

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